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    A lot of everyone believe that people are certainly not treated as equals. Sadly, that is true nevertheless, you guys have to comprehend that book was written ages ago. Everyone, including Islamic countries, should know about chances are that morals and humanity always comes before religion. Many of you say that Saudi Arabia has strict laws on women like not permitting them to drive instead of permitting them to dress freely. Both of these everything is based on the countries leaders rather than in the holy book itself, the Quran. In Islam, women are just necessary to wear the hijab when praying or in a very mosque. Should they do wear a hijab outside of these products, which reaches just because they are showing a sign of their own faith and identity through tradition. They’re also liberated to do whatever job they please, including driving, as much Muslim women do this today. These middle eastern countries are generally run by men and that has yet to alter. So please guys, give Muslims an opportunity. Women are actually rising up in Islam. America has yet to get a female president while Pakistan had already gotten a girl pm, named Benazir Bhutto, in years past. Overall, women are just as great in Islam as they are in a of you all’s religions.

    But overall, women and men are supportive equals in Islam. Because of this mankind has some rights over women while ladies have some rights over man. To have an example, when divorce occurs, women is obligated to maintain your children even though the man cannot. At the same time, men’re most likely obligated to many money as is also required to be a Muslim. Women may work should they please to-do in order anything morally good but you are not nesessary to as men are. There’s also fully equal rights. Say a Muslim wife and husband are getting the divorce. In Islamic law, women are obligated to everyone of the property while guys are also obligated to all of the property. Everyone also properly don’t know which a woman does not change their surname once married. This Is because they’re liberated to do as they please like we were holding single and they can not be a gentleman’s property. Nobody else does that, now, can they?

    Islam, itself, does not really promote violence but the Quran does say that anyone who will not follow Islam will burn from the fires of hell. Like i said previously before, you non-Muslims must realize that this book was written centuries ago as with every other holy book. Many groups like ISIS are not aware what reality we all are in and how we should be embracing our humanity in today’s society. Groups such as this try to falsely spread Islam and place Quran’s phrases inside their own and literal ways. All of you cannot blame all 1.2 billion Muslim’s for the acts of terrorism that are connecting on. The gang or person is the culprit as Muslims today are pursuing peace and therefore are even fighting peacefully against those who falsely spread Islam or opposed to Islam.

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